lunes, junio 22, 2009

Corruption Grows over Guamilule

Interad goons destroy house for 3rd time

On the evening of Saturday April 18th thugs apparently working for the developer Interad S.A. de C.V. once again destroyed a small house located on property of the Garibo Vargas family at Cerro de Guamilule. This is the third time this has happened, yet the "responsible authorities" have so far done absolutely nothing even though the previous crimes were properly reported and various witnesses have attested whom they saw carrying them out. María Isabel Garibo Vargas reported the most recent crime and commented that in the absence of proper actions by the "responsible authorities" she is concerned what the response will be by her male family members since they certainly cannot be expected to sit on their hands and do nothing in the face of such cowardly criminal acts repeatedly committed against their family while the police and justice system do absolutely nothing.

Interad S.A. de C.V. has been trying for about two years to threaten and intimidate María Isabel and her family to abandon their property at Cerro de Guamilule that they have owned for generations. Interad allegedly obtained phony property title documents from a now deceased corrupt public official and for a hefty payment were allowed by the corrupt ex-mayor of Petatlán to use them to register in the Registro Agrario Nacional. There are so many problems with this case that it can only have gotten this far with the complicity of corrupt public officials. Nevertheless, the local community will not allow irresponsible and corrupt government officials to permit Interad to get away with this.

María Isabel named the Argentinian representative of Interad Roberto Mario Guala as well as Pedro Olea Bracamontes as alleged intellectual authors of the crimes, and thanks to the cooperation of numerous witnesses she further alleges that the recent destruction of her family's property was carried out by Interad's goons Aurelio Uribe Sánchez and Glodove Ríos Rumboand.

The Garibo Vargas family has the solid support of numerous local organizations and many local residents including my family. We will not stand idly by and watch corruption and injustice carried out with impunity against this humble and poor family. Those days are over. I have already received crazy e-mails from Interad representatives Pedro Olea B. and José M. Rodríguez. They have no idea what fires they have stoked that will most assuredly come back to burn them.

Police official lies about his identity in visit to Garibo Vargas home

On Friday May 8th, 2009 around noon the recently appointed regional commander for the Policía Investigadora Ministerial (PIM), Ricardo Camacho Mondragón, and another unnamed individual presented themselves at the home of María Isabel Garibo Vargas asking for her and her husband, claiming they were inspectors for the Secretaría de la Reforma Agraria. Fortunately María Isabel and her husband, who have had their house at Cerro de Guamilule in Barra de Potosí burned once and destroyed two other times by workers for Interad S.A. de C.V., were not home. The phony "inspector" left his name, and after making inquiries the family discovered his true identity. The Garibo Vargas family own the land at Cerro de Guamilule that Interad is attempting to steal with the assistance of corrupt "public servants" in the municipal government of Petatlán, in the state government of Guerrero, and in the federal government.

Due to the threats and harassment by Interad and its representatives, the Argentinian "businessman" Roberto Guala and his sidekicks Aurelio Uribe Sánchez and Pedro Olea Bracamontes, the Garibo Vargas family had to change residences a year and half ago.

Various groups who are supporting the Garibo Vargas family such as the Coordinadora de Organizaciones y Movimientos Sociales de Guerrero (COMSG), the Red de Organizacones Ambientalistas de Zihuatanejo (ROGAZ), the Taller de Desarrollo Comunitario (Tadeco), and the Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores de la Educación de Guerrero (CETEG) have vociferously denounced the "reprehensible harassment" of coastal communities who oppose being evicted for "tourist megaprojects" so that the rich can relax and entertain themselves (a battle we appear to have already lost in Zihuatanejo as evidenced by the ongoing development on our bayside hills that were supposed to be preserved as ecological zones until their zoning was changed by the administration of Amador Campos much to the continuing dismay of Zihuatanejo's long-time residents).

The statement issued by the COMSG blames the mayor of Petatlán, Albino Lacunza Santos, and the state government of Zeferino Torreblanca for giving protection to "irregular" tourist projects and for not doing their jobs to punish Interad and prevent them from committing acts of violence, terrorism and land theft.

Interad Criminals Destroy House for 4th Time
Interad's idea of a Mothers Day present

While its occupant was celebrating Mother's Day, the goons of Desarrolladora Interad S.A. de C.V. allegedly destroyed for the 4th occasion the house belonging to the Garibo Vargas family located on the Cerro de Guamilule at Barra de Potosí in the municipio de Petatlán. This is the same house they allegedly destroyed about 20 days previous that was in the process of being rebuilt.

And as usual the police shine brightly for their absence as do the "responsible authorities" for their lack of any action to protect the Garibo Vargas or settle the dispute according to the law.

When María Isabel Garibo Vargas went to report the previous crime to the Ministerio Público in Petatlán they refused to receive her. Since then she also received a visit from the recently appointed regional commander of the Policía Investigadora Ministerial (PIM), Ricardo Camacho Mondragón pretending to be an inspector from the Secretaría de la Reforma Agraria (SRA), the same dependency from where allegedly a now deceased corrupt former worker, Raúl Mendoza Benalonso, originally sold Interad the phony property titles they hold.

As long as this type of corruption is allowed to continue no property owner in Guerrero is safe from corrupt public servants and the people who fill their pockets with money, whether they be narcos, "businessmen" or corporations.

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