jueves, enero 01, 2009

Tales of Guerrero

Although it is the birthplace of Mexico's independence as well as its Constitution, Guerrero is a state that has long been under seige by ruthless caciques who apparently enjoy protection by elements within the military as well as all levels of government. To understand Guerrero it is essential to be aware of the suffering and injustice many of its communities live under. The ordeal of Javier Torres Cruz as well as his family and the entire community of La Morena in the remote sierra of Petatlán where he lives is one of those tales.

Last December 22 one of our regional newspapers, "La Jornada", published three enlightening articles about the recent 10-day ordeal, torture and eventual escape of Javier Torres from the soldiers and paramilitaries allegedly working for the ex-mayor of Petatlán as well as the terror his village has been subjected to for over 30 years. If you want to begin to understand our region of Guerrero, this is one of its typical and revealing stories repeated similarly throughout the state in other communities. For all the time that Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa have been mass marketed as tourist resorts, all this has been going on to the ignorance of most of the region's visitors. Nothing fundamental has changed here except the facility with which information can now be diffused and accessed. The following articles in Spanish represent just a small part of the many tales of Guerrero.

"El Ejército Me Desapareció", Confirma el Campesino Ecologista Javier Torres

Cunde el Miedo en La Morena; No Se Puede Ir a Cultivar la Tierra, Dicen los Pobladores

Desde 1985, las Incursiones de Militares y Gatilleros de Rogaciano Alba en La Morena

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