jueves, abril 10, 2008

Best Time To Be In Zihuatanejo

Sunset behind El Morro Zacatoso in Bahía El Palmar, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, MexicoThe tourist crowds have thinned out in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa since "high season" became "low season" after an early Semana Santa this year. Once again the pace of life in our seaside community has slowed considerably. Once again people in our community can take the time to have fiestas, take vacations, visit with friends, go to the beach, and catch a sunset. And ahhhh... what sunsets!

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It's been almost a week since el horario de verano began, and most of us are still not used to the time change. The almost sacrosanct and favorite daily ritual of siesta is based on the position of the sun and the heat of the day, not on an arbitrary and variable man-made hour on a clock in England, so adjusting to the time change is problematic.

The nights are still refreshingly cool while the daytime temps have risen notably within the past month, but a heat wave is predicted from now until the rains begin possibly in June. Already our state of Guerrero has registered temperatures over 40°C in some places and fires are starting to break out as the burning season comes upon us and the skies grow a little hazier with smoke each day.

Nevertheless, the air still is fragrant with Pacific Ocean breeze and night-blooming jasmine, and more importantly: mangos are in season! ¡Auuuuaaaa!

¡Viva Zihuatanejo!
¡Viva México!

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