sábado, mayo 26, 2007

Cayacal Schools Receive Donations

Many of our generous and caring visitors to Zihuatanejo bring school supplies and clothing for our less fortunate children, and for those that have dropped off their donations with my wife at Lupita's Boutique I thought you might enjoy seeing where some of those donations have gone.

About a quarter of the way between Zihuatanejo and Acapulco is a tiny forgotten village of fishermen and farmers called Cayacal. Cayacal is located about 55 kilometers (34 miles) southeast of Zihuatanejo along the Carretera Nacional 200 at the coordinates 17°23'20.50"N and 101° 9'41.61"W. Cayacal is home to a small primary school and a kindergarten with about 45 students.

Cayacal roadsign
Cayacal roadsign
fishing pangas on the beach
fishing pangas
the primary school at Cayacal
primary school
the kindergarten at Cayacal

Last Monday, May 21st, we took school supplies and clothing donated by some very kind and thoughtful visitors to Zihuatanejo. We had saved up enough donations to assure that there were enough supplies and clothing for all the children at the kindergarten and the primary school so that no one would be left out.

entrance to kindergarten
kindergarten entrance
kindergarten schoolchildren with donated school supplies in class
kindergarten class
the swings at the kindergarten playground
kindergarten playground
students of mixed grades in classroom
students of mixed grades
students lined up to receive donated supplies and clothing
students in line
students receiving school supplies
passing out supplies
schoolgirls receiving donated clothing
schoolgirls receive clothes
students receiving donated clothing
schoolboys receive clothes
a little boy receives a shirt
boy with a new shirt
schoolgirls hanging out in their favorite tree
schoolgirls in tree

The children were all very grateful for the donations of school supplies and clothing, and they wanted to be sure that the kind people who made it all possible for them received this message from them:

schoolchildren with their donated school supplies


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