domingo, diciembre 11, 2005

Beatlemania in Ixtapa

Grupo mexicano HELP! en el Hotel Holiday Inn Ixtapa la noche del 8 de diciembre del 2005 The Mexican group "HELP!" creating good vibes and music at Holiday Inn Ixtapa, December 8, 2005. (click to enlarge photo) These guys put on a wonderful show the evening of December 8th to a crowd of only about 200 people on the lawn of the Holiday Inn in Ixtapa. The dew caused a few problems with the keyboards and some minor electrical glitches, but these guys put on such a good show that no one minded. Lots of folks were singing along and dancing away, and at the end of the night the audience called them back for about 5 or 6 encores, to which they graciously obliged. Their first set saw them dressed as they looked in their early years, later they came out in Sgt. Pepper attire (which is when the keyboards acted up and caused the set to have to end early), then they came back for a final set and really got the joint rocking in the Beatles late 60's to early 70's mode. We all sang ourselves hoarse and clapped till our hands ached. Several of their final songs were a tribute to John Lennon on the 25th anniversary of his tragic murder. The overall effect was terrific, right down to Liverpool accents, Beatles poses, and even their equipment was vintage Beatles right down to the imitation antique Vox amps. For too brief a time all the love and good vibes of the 60's were alive and well among the crowd at the concert. If only the world could get back on the path of peace and brotherly love. Imagine...

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