martes, octubre 04, 2005

Update (& vindication)

A little while back I had asked many readers of my message board to communicate to their lodging operators their concerns over local security and the bay's pollution problems. I took a lot of flack from some readers over my request. Some called me alarmist, others said I was appealing to the wrong audience, others said some rather nasty things. Well on August 24 the hoteliers had a meeting with one of the mayoral candidates and what do you think their primary stated concerns were about? You got it! Security and bay pollution. I rest my case. ;~) (And thanks again to all who heeded my plea!) Some noteworthy replies from some of my message board readers:
"Though we're not in the bay, Hotel Las Palmas tosses our hat in the ring of your support. These key issues are our 'golden geese' in our special corner of the earth. Let's not let them get killed." Scott of Hotel Las Palmas
"Excelente Rob! Thanks for your work. Keep following your instincts. Let's keep moving in good directions. Bravo amigo." Laura of Casa del Encanto

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